What Makes Latitude 360 So Exciting? Founder Brent Brown Explains

If you can imagine an entire upmarket complex with entwined dining and entertainment options, suitable for both children and adults, then you’ve just imagined Latitude 360. Although the United States has no shortage of big box stores, movie theater multiplexes, and shopping malls of all sizes, for some reason, the vision of an immersive dining and entertainment venue has only recently been realized. Brent Brown, founder and CEO of Latitude 360, sensed a gap in the hospitality market, and he managed to fill it very quickly.

Image Source: froggyland.com

Although there are restaurants that feature an assortment of amusements, there aren’t any franchised establishments that mix fine dining with entertainment that is suitable for the entire family. Latitude 360 offers a huge assortment of attractions for patrons of all ages, and does so in an upscale environment. In addition to the full family appeal, Latitude 360 provides a luxury environment that enhances consumer enjoyment immeasurably. According to founder Brent Brown, “I think in today’s world, it’s all about the experience.”

Image Source: shopcrossgates.com

The idea for Latitude 360 was born in 2007, and came into fruition a mere four years later, when the flagship venue was opened in Jacksonville, Fl. In addition to the 360 Grille – a contemporary American fine dining establishment – the 50,000 square foot facility features numerous attractions, including:

• The Lanes – Luxury, high-tech bowling lanes, with a full bar and dining service.
• Latitude LIVE – A theatrical venue offering live music, comedy, as well as food and beverage options.
• The Axis – An electrifying nightclub with a huge dance floor and DJ.
• Latitude CINEGRILLE – A dine-in movie theater with plush, home-theater seating.
• Sports Theater – A Las Vegas-style sports center with high definition television screens.
• Game Room – An arcade-style game center featuring immersive electronic games as well as professional billiard tables.

Image Source: timesunion.com

There are currently three Latitude 360 venues in the United States, in Jacksonville, Indianapolis, and Pittsburgh. However, there are six more in development, and a huge amount of additional interest. “I get calls every week now from mall owners and developers,” says Brent Brown. “I think we’ll be a big American brand one day.”


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