Brent Brown – Bringing America the Future of Dining and Entertainment with Latitude 360

The fully immersive experience of Latitude 360 is better experienced than described; imagine a single establishment that provides fine dining and a wide scope of attractions designed not only for adults, but also entire families. When founder and CEO Brent Brown conceived of vast dining and entertainment venues, he couldn’t have imagined that his vision would become a reality in fewer than 10 years.

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The journey of Latitude 360 might have been fast, but it is far from over. According to Mr. Brown, the unique dining and entertainment experience offered by the Latitude 360 brand is causing a great deal of excitement among developers all across the United States. “I think we’ll be a big American brand one day,” says Brent Brown.

What makes the Latitude 360 experience so inviting is the variety of attractions within a single venue. While most kid-friendly establishments can be fun for adults as well, they offer little in the way of grown-up activities. Latitude 360 offers plenty offerings for people of all ages. In a single setting, Latitude 360 boasts fully-equipped, state-of-the-art bowling lanes, a theater featuring live music and comedy, a game room with a variety of immersive electronic games and prizes, a nightclub with a DJ, a Sports Theater with high-definition screens, and far more. All this in addition to the 360 Grille, an upscale contemporary American restaurant featuring fresh, hand-crafted menu options.


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Brent Brown originated the Latitude 360 concept in 2007, and his vision was shortly realized in 2011 with the opening of the flagship establishment in Jacksonville, Fl. Since the opening of the Jacksonville branch, two additional Latitude 360 venues have opened in Indianapolis and Pittsburgh.

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The Latitude 360 organization is currently developing six additional venues, which are planned to open by 2016 – an impressive achievement for a 7-year-old brand. Says founder Brent Brown, “We came out of the gate an unknown. We’re doing some very nice volume.”


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