Broadway dining: The impeccable blend of food and performance art

New York City’s world famous theater district serves more than breathtaking entertainment. An array of good food to be consumed before, after, and even during the show awaits patrons.

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Iconic restaurants have been around the Broadway area for quite a while now, but surprisingly, it was only lately that the dining scene along 42nd and 54th streets has been in full bloom. The recent boom of epicurean hot spots shows a mind-blowing spectrum of good eats, from an exquisite selection of Italian treats at ESCA and Becco, to Shake Shack’s deservedly popular burgers for a quick pre-show grub.

Meanwhile, for those looking for a one-stop spot for mouthwatering food and breathtaking entertainment, Broadway does not disappoint.

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An intimate theatrical experience awaits diners at the Laurie Beechman Theatre, an 80-seater dinner theater in the basement of Manhattan’s West Bank Café. One-act plays, jazz acts, cabaret, and even stand-up acts are performed in the venue. On Thursdays, diners can get up close and personal with the big stars of the stage through its Broadway Sessions. While waiting for the curtains to go up, diners can treat themselves to exquisitely prepared free range chicken, skirt steak in truffle butter, and Scottish salmon.

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And there is the ever-popular Ellen’s Stardust Diner. The menu calls to mind the true blue American diner of the ’50s with comfort food offerings like meatloaf and chicken potpie for dinner, and Southern Style biscuits and gravy for breakfast. But the main attraction of this dining spot is its company of singing waiting staff whose performances day and night leave customers gaping with awe. Most of Ellens’ waiters have gone on to perform in Broadway and join reality singing searches.

Banking and real estate expert BrentBrown is the founder of Latitude 360, a chain of food and amusement hotspots that positions itself as the final word in all-around entertainment. Visit this website to learn more about the fun experience that awaits you at Latitude 360.


So fun that it lingers: Planning your best party ever

From ancient times, people have looked forward to gatherings to satisfy the social aspect of their lives. Generally, parties have been pleasant venues for expanding your social frontiers, establishing intimate ties, or just enjoying good music and sumptuous food.

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Have you ever come to a party or an event that had so much zest and pizzazz that guests could not get over tweeting and talking about it over their online and offline social circles the next day? As you were relishing in last night’s moments, you tried to recall what made it very enjoyable—is it the classy music from the brass band, the free-flowing wine and drinks, the cosmopolitan menu that offered an explosion of tastes, or the décor and drapery that blended all the elements together? And then you begin to imagine how you can pull off an impressive gathering when it’s your turn to host one.

Organizing any party can be as stressful as it is exciting. But keeping the following pointers in mind can surely lessen the hassles:

1. Taste matters not only with the food, but also the venue. The location, layout, and size of the venue can either lend elegance or elicit displeasure from discriminating guests. Your venue must therefore lie at the heart of your plan. Events places such as Latitude 360 have the right features and amenities you need whether you are throwing an intimate rehearsal dinner, a “Rock of Ages”-themed birthday party, or a grand, exquisite ball.

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2. Most venues offer a dinner service, so you will not have to worry about finding caterers. Whether you’re serving hors d’oeuvres or a multi-course sit-down meal, ask for a tasting session, for good measure. Keep in mind that good food and drinks stick into people’s minds, so have something for everyone, and make sure that they are are all enticing and delectable.

3. Entertainment is also as important as any other elements in a party. Nothing looks more awkward than people standing around and trying to amuse themselves with small talk. Whether it is from a band, a comedian, a mentalist, or a deejay, make sure the entertainment matches the mood and vibe for which the celebration calls.

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After 15 years of working in banking and real estate, Brent Brown founded Latitude 360, a sprawling food and entertainment complex that offers a wide array of amenities for fun and dining, and function halls catering to parties of any type and scale. Know more about its offerings through this website.

What Makes Latitude 360 So Exciting? Founder Brent Brown Explains

If you can imagine an entire upmarket complex with entwined dining and entertainment options, suitable for both children and adults, then you’ve just imagined Latitude 360. Although the United States has no shortage of big box stores, movie theater multiplexes, and shopping malls of all sizes, for some reason, the vision of an immersive dining and entertainment venue has only recently been realized. Brent Brown, founder and CEO of Latitude 360, sensed a gap in the hospitality market, and he managed to fill it very quickly.

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Although there are restaurants that feature an assortment of amusements, there aren’t any franchised establishments that mix fine dining with entertainment that is suitable for the entire family. Latitude 360 offers a huge assortment of attractions for patrons of all ages, and does so in an upscale environment. In addition to the full family appeal, Latitude 360 provides a luxury environment that enhances consumer enjoyment immeasurably. According to founder Brent Brown, “I think in today’s world, it’s all about the experience.”

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The idea for Latitude 360 was born in 2007, and came into fruition a mere four years later, when the flagship venue was opened in Jacksonville, Fl. In addition to the 360 Grille – a contemporary American fine dining establishment – the 50,000 square foot facility features numerous attractions, including:

• The Lanes – Luxury, high-tech bowling lanes, with a full bar and dining service.
• Latitude LIVE – A theatrical venue offering live music, comedy, as well as food and beverage options.
• The Axis – An electrifying nightclub with a huge dance floor and DJ.
• Latitude CINEGRILLE – A dine-in movie theater with plush, home-theater seating.
• Sports Theater – A Las Vegas-style sports center with high definition television screens.
• Game Room – An arcade-style game center featuring immersive electronic games as well as professional billiard tables.

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There are currently three Latitude 360 venues in the United States, in Jacksonville, Indianapolis, and Pittsburgh. However, there are six more in development, and a huge amount of additional interest. “I get calls every week now from mall owners and developers,” says Brent Brown. “I think we’ll be a big American brand one day.”

Brent Brown – Bringing America the Future of Dining and Entertainment with Latitude 360

The fully immersive experience of Latitude 360 is better experienced than described; imagine a single establishment that provides fine dining and a wide scope of attractions designed not only for adults, but also entire families. When founder and CEO Brent Brown conceived of vast dining and entertainment venues, he couldn’t have imagined that his vision would become a reality in fewer than 10 years.

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The journey of Latitude 360 might have been fast, but it is far from over. According to Mr. Brown, the unique dining and entertainment experience offered by the Latitude 360 brand is causing a great deal of excitement among developers all across the United States. “I think we’ll be a big American brand one day,” says Brent Brown.

What makes the Latitude 360 experience so inviting is the variety of attractions within a single venue. While most kid-friendly establishments can be fun for adults as well, they offer little in the way of grown-up activities. Latitude 360 offers plenty offerings for people of all ages. In a single setting, Latitude 360 boasts fully-equipped, state-of-the-art bowling lanes, a theater featuring live music and comedy, a game room with a variety of immersive electronic games and prizes, a nightclub with a DJ, a Sports Theater with high-definition screens, and far more. All this in addition to the 360 Grille, an upscale contemporary American restaurant featuring fresh, hand-crafted menu options.


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Brent Brown originated the Latitude 360 concept in 2007, and his vision was shortly realized in 2011 with the opening of the flagship establishment in Jacksonville, Fl. Since the opening of the Jacksonville branch, two additional Latitude 360 venues have opened in Indianapolis and Pittsburgh.

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The Latitude 360 organization is currently developing six additional venues, which are planned to open by 2016 – an impressive achievement for a 7-year-old brand. Says founder Brent Brown, “We came out of the gate an unknown. We’re doing some very nice volume.”